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Timing System For Radio Controlled Cars

   Description  Cost in US dollars
TMRC6  RC timer for 6 cars - Includes All Hardware, cables and RC6 Timer software  Version 4.0  $299
TMRC20  RC timer for 20 cars - Includes 6 transponders and RC6 Timer software Version 4.0  $600


TrakMate Model TMRC6

Version 4.0 released

See the flags on the antennas
rc63.jpg (153919 bytes)
Transmitter and Receiver enclosed in the white boxes at start /finish line

Auto sorts according to position.  Leader always at top

rc6tim2.jpg (15255 bytes) Add racers to database
view or print lap times. rc6tim8.gif (7533 bytes)
rc6tim7.gif (7588 bytes) View Race Summary
Count Down, Formula One Style
rc6tim6.jpg (57497 bytes) Anouces "Race Over" through PC sound card and displays checkered flag.  Other sounds have been added.  Including car sounds when they go by the start line



Low Cost Lap Timer for R/C cars.  Designed for HPI Micro 1:18 scale or Similar.

Ever wanted to count and time your laps for your R/C car but didn't want to spend thousands of dollars.  Ever wanted to know if your setup changes on the car made a difference but had no reliable way to time your laps.  Now all you have to do is stick a piece of electrical tape on the antenna.  When the car passes though the infrared beam it will be detected.  The system will detect only the flag and not the antenna mast.  Each car places a flag at a different height to differentiate between the cars.  Up to six cars can race at a time.  No batteries required or transponders to lend out.  No extra weight added to the car.    The TMRC20 is recommended for 1/10 scale or bigger.



  • Low Cost

  • No Transponders

  • Light weight Flag system

  • Easy Installation

  • 1/100 of a second accuracy!

  • Race Up to 6 Cars

  • Timed or Lap Races

  • Displays Best Lap Times, Average Lap Times, Number of Laps

  • Windows Software

  • Change Display column from  Lag behind, lag first, median on the fly

  • view/print all lap times

  • view/print race summary

  • computes crash percentage (percentage of laps you crashed on)

  • Sound,  Get Ready, Go, Vroom as car goes by counter, race over etc.

  • Formula one style count down to start


Maximum Number of Cars 6
Minimum Width of Flag 1 1/2 inch
Height of Flag 3/4 inch 
Maximum thickness of Flag Pole 1/8 inch
Power  9vdc adaptor (included)
PC requirements (Windows Version) Windows 95,98,2000,XP 
PC connection  Comm Port



The Rc6 system consists of two boards, a transmitter board the narrower of the two and the receiver board.   The maximum distance that they can be placed apart is 80 inches.  Select a section of the track where accidents are less likely to happen.  Mount the boards on either side of the track.  The boards should be oriented so the power plug is at the bottom.  Adjust height of the transmitter board so the bottom LEDs are at least 1 inch higher then the roof of the RC car.   Adjust receiver board to the same height.  The top of transmitter board and receiver board should be at the same height .    Measure the distance from the ground to the first LEDs on the transmitter board.  You can now make a template for the flags.  All the LEDs are placed exactly 1 inch apart so if the bottom LEDs are at 5.2" inches then the  2nd flag will be at 6.2" and so on.   The boards should mounted to something sturdy,  and care should be taken so they face each other as much as possible.  Alignment of the transmitter board can be critical.   Now plug the power packs and connect the power to the receiver then the transmitter.   Connect the data cable from the receiver to the computer.

    The system requires that each car has a flag measuring 1.5" long and 3/4" high mounted at different heights for each car.  The flags should be mounted at 1" intervals.  The thickness of the pole holding the flag should be no thicker then 1/8", the antenna post is fine. 



Electrical tape used as a flag on the antenna mast

Download Software for RC6

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