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TrackMate Iridium Timing System for R/C Cars

Some Pictures From Customers Using TrackMate Iridium
  1. Transponder
  2. 1/24 Scale Bridge
  3. 1/12 Scale
  1. 1/12 Scale
  2. Transponder in Xmod
  3. 1/10 Scale On Road
  1. 1/24 Scale Track
  2. -
  3. Off Road
  1. Transponder in 1/10 Off Road
  2. 1/10 Scale Off Road
  3. 1/10 Off Road Track
  1. Easy to install

  2. Low Cost complete package

  3. Small, thin, sealed and light weight transponders

  4. Unique  transponder IDs for each member of your RC club for no hassle race setup

  5. Toll free support

  6. Supports old and new PCs running Windows 95,98,ME,XP,Vista

  7. Connects to Com port or USB (using USB to serial converter)

  8. Works indoors and outdoors even in strong sunlight

  9. Works with any scale 1:24 scale to 1/5 scale

  10. High quality connectors and cables

  11. The easiest to use Click and Go™ software  included for free! (save $100)

  12. One Year warranty


"I set up the system, ( It is exactly what I was looking for ), thanks for creating such a good, affordable product."  Stephen




Maximum number of Transponders


Maximum Start/Finish Lane Width

14 feet

Time accuracy

.01 seconds

Transponder weight

5 grams

Transponder Dimensions

1" X .75"

Transponder Power

2.5 to 12volts


Only $270 for Starters Kit




Transponders ID 1-3


Overhead IR Modules


12" interconnect cables


Interface board


Serial Cable


6’ Interconnect cable


9vdc Adaptor

1 Super Easy To Use TrakMate Software

Theory of Operation

The Iridium System is a complete timing system for Radio Controlled Cars.  The transponders use infrared technology, An overhead bar is placed at the start/finish line approximately 24 inches above the track with sensor modules placed every 14 inches. When a transponder passes underneath  its ID will be sent to the PC. Many transponders can pass through simultaneously and all of them will be detected and counted.



Transponders are powered by the R/C receiver battery. The Transponder should be mounted as flat as possible. It may be mounted in the windshield area or by having a clear area in the front hood of the car it would be possible to mount the transponder there.


The Interface boards yellow LED will be on when a transponder is detected. The Transponders small LEDs will be on when the overhead sensors are detected.


RC20 Video size 8MB  in action indoors. A beep will be heard every lap scored.  Watch for the car that cart wheels through the transponder detector and still scores a lap.

RC20 Video  4mb   RC20 in action outdoors in a parking lot with 1/10 nitro cars.  The overhead detector bar is near the van. 

RC20 Video  14mb  RC20 in action with 1/12 scale 4 cell cars.

RC20 Video 4MB RC20 in action with 1/24 scale 4 cell Xmod cars


Download Software  version 2.0

Download Version 1



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