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TrakMate Drag Racing Timing System

TrakMate drag racing timing system comes in four versions. See comparison chart for details.

There is also a new and much improved Windows version - details

Download Demos
Demo programs will simulate races.  
Drag Racing Demo version - file size 50k Sept 2000

Drag Racing Pictures

HO Drag Racing Tracks 
1/24 Scale Drag Racing Tracks

 TrakMate Drag Racing


  • No need for an expensive computer
  • Requires  386, 486, Pentium (no hard drive required) or Laptop
  • 1/1000 second resolution
  • Supports on screen Pro Tree and Full Tree
  • Supports Dial-in times for bracket racing
  • Infrared sensors for accurate timing
  • Diagnostic sensor test
  • Displays reaction time, elapsed time and win margin
  • Displays all races ran with sorting capabilities. Sort on ETs etc.
  • Can customize to your needs
  • Includes cable and four sensors (ten sensors on pro version)

 Running a race

Select type of tree
Enter the name of each racer and their dialin if required.
Place cars on track to cover prestage sensors
Start race (hit 1 key from main menu)
After a small delay the tree will count down

Sensors on Pro version

----1- -------------------------- --------------------------------2---------------

----1- -------------------------- --------------------------------2---------------

1 = Start
2 = Finish line sensor

External Tree

You can build your own tree using 12volt trailer lights. These lights come with a bracket and cost about $3.00 each. No need for any electronics. Simply connect the lights to the controller board and the common side of all the lights to the +12volt supply. You can use the PCs internal +12volts to power the lights. You can connect all 16 lights to the control board, win, prestage, stage, ambers, green and red lights are all supported.

System Requirements:

IBM compatible ranging from an old 386 to a Pentium .
Monochrome or color screen, will work on all types.
One floppy drive.
One parallel port (printer port).
Dos 3.1 or higher. (Must run from DOS)
For Windows 95, 98 go to start - shutdown and restart in MS-DOS mode.

You can probably pick up an old IBM compatible system for free. Many companies and maybe where you work have old 386 or even 486 collecting dust, so go and ask if they would be willing to give you one. 

Drag Racing Links

NHRA  -  Drag racing basics on this site.  Recommended reading.

HODRA - H.O. Drag Racing Association

DRS - Drag Racing Specialist


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