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The Drag Pro 3000 can work with any scale including slot cars to full size cars. 

.  Drag Pro 3000 details Drag Pro details SemiPro Lite details
Cost $650 $450 $165 $119
Sensors 12 10 8 2
Accuracy .0001 seconds .0001 seconds .0001 seconds .001 seconds
External Tree Supported Supported Green lights, Win Lights included N
Bracket Racing YES YES YES YES
On Screen Tree NO YES YES YES
Adjustable Pro Tree Time YES YES YES NO
Large Screen Characters YES YES YES NO
Print Race Slip YES YES YES NO
Saves Data Excel Format Text Format Text Format NO
Minimum Hardware Pentium 486 486 386
OS Windows 95,98,XP, 2000 DOS,Windows 95,98 DOS,Windows 95,98 DOS,Windows 95,98

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