St. Paul's Co-educational College Alumni Association, Canada

Welcome to the Home Page of

St. Paul's Co-educational College Alumni Association
of British Columbia, Canada

First established:         a long time ago
First incorporated:        1991
Last resurrection:         1993
No. of members at present: over 200, including alumni and teachers

With FAITH and close tie with our Alma mata in Hong Kong,
we HOPE to facilitate social and intellectual exchanges among alumni,
and promote benefits that all members will LOVE.

Annual General Meeting and Dinner - Usually in November
Regular - Newsletter; gym nights; hockey, basketball, skating, badminton etc
Summer - picnics; golf tournament; walk-a-thon (fund-raising for charity)
Ocassional - Karaoke nights, Mahjong tournament, bridge tournament
Very occasionally - formal ball
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If you are somehow connected with St. Paul's Co-ed College, is now living in British Columbia, and have not been aware of our existence, please contact us and leave your name and year of graduation at Form 5.

If you are one of the SPCC Alumni elsewhere in this Wide Wide World, happen to surf into our home page, or looking for lost friends in the Vancouver area, please email and leave your name and year of graduation at Form 5.

Board of Directors: (1996-1997)

President:        Kim Cheng - 64
Vice President:   Elizabeth Tan - 65
Secretary:        Joanna Kong - 85
Treasurer:        William Ho - 85
Other Directors:  Arthur Chan - 64 (Newsletter Editor)
                  Andy Yam-Kee Leung - 80 (Directory & Home Page Editor)
                  Denise Chan - 82 (Social Committee)
                  Charmaine To - 70 (Social Committee)
                  Helen Yeung  - 90 (Social Committee)
                  Wilkins Chan - 60
                  Pansy Shung-Pui Ho - 89
                  Elizabeth Johnston - 62
                  Philip Leong - 65

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