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There is more to the internet than just "dry" information! Come and surf with us. We can take you anywhere on planet Earth with a click of your mouse.

Chinese WEB Sites - around the world
Dragon Gate will be maintaining one of the largest hyperlinks to other Chinese web sites in the world. The NEW Silk Road will take you to places quickly and easily. Why waste time looking for interesting sites to visit. Sites are organized by contents, updates will be handled on a ongoing basis. So come and visit us often!

Cultures and Customs
1996 is the Year of the Rat. A well known Vancouver Chinese Astrologist and Feng Shui Master - Dr. Joseph IP, offered to share his predictions for the new year with us. You will find his article interesting and informative. Predictions for 1996 in Chinese There are 12 different signs in the Chinese zodiac each has a specific animal associated with it. Do you know what is your sign in the Chinese zodiac and what good fortune is waiting for you in 1996? Take a look at our special coverage of The Chinese Zodiac. Want to know why the Chinese people hand out those little "red envolopes" during Chinese New Years? Do you believe in Feng Shui? How dose Ying and Yang affect your health? Want to get rid of that terrible headache by poking a 3 inch long acupuncture needle into your body? Should you try herbal medicine instead of over the counter drugs? All these and more will be presented here.

Enough of let your finger do the walking stuff, try shopping with your mouse in our Cybermall - where you can Window shop (thanks, Mr. Bill Gate) till your mouse bit the bytes.

Fun Places
Whether you are planning for an evening out, a weekend getaway, or a well deserved vacation we will "show" you where to go.

Read what the experts have to say about the latest changes to the Immigration Act. Find out how you can become an "investor" immigrant. How and where to get expert advice when you need them. A stranger in a strange land often need "local" contacts to help them settling down. A special section will be devoted to serve new immigrants to this great country.

Virtual Art Gallery
See the great works by the great artists of yesterday and today, maybe even some artists of tomorrow.

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